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Master Thesis projects at Nanolab

ERC Consolidator Grant won by Matteo Passoni with the project ENSURE-"Exploring the New Science and engineering unveiled by Ultraintense ultrashort Radiation interaction with mattEr "

C.E. Bottani and A. Li Bassi are included in the Top Italian Scientist list

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Welcome to the NanoLab

The Micro- and Nanostructured Materials Lab (NanoLab) is located in Milan, Italy at the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano. NanoLab is focused on the nanoscale design, production and investigation of novel materials. The NanoLab mission is the synthesis and study of novel materials for the understading of fundamental physical phenomena and for technological applications.


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Micro and Nanostructured Materials Lab, Department of Energy Politecnico di Milano Via Ponzio 34/3 I-20133 Milan, Italy