Marco G. Beghi

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Born in Torino, Italy, 5/12/1955; Degree, cum laude, in Nuclear Engineering (specialization in materials science), Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 7/1979; ‘Fulbright grantee' of I.I.E., New York, ‘graduate student' and ‘research assistant' at the Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (1981/82); research fellow at the Nuclear Engineering Department, Politecnico di Milano (1984/2003), has teaching duties in various Engineering courses of Physics; performs research on the plastic deformation of metals and the thermophysical properties of solids, on the acoustical properties of thin films and on laser light scattering by films and surface structures. Tteaches courses of Physics at Politecnico di Milano (1991/2003).
Associate professor of Physics of Condensed Matter at Politecnico di Milano (since 2003), teaches courses of Physics of Materials at the Engineering

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Micro and Nanostructured Materials Lab, Department of Energy Politecnico di Milano Via Ponzio 34/3 I-20133 Milan, Italy