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The Lab has developed a bottom-up nanotechnolgy approach for the synthesis and investigation of nanostructured films and surfaces, atomic clusters and nanostructures, based on competences of physiscs of matter (solid state physics, surface science and plasma physics). Materials are fabricated by physical vapour depostion (PVD) techniques such as Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) and evaporation. Morphological, structural and electronic properties are investigated by scanning probe microscopy (AFM/STM/STS) techniques and vibrational spectroscopies (Raman and surface Brillouin scattering), also for model surfaces and systems. Models and theory for Inelastic light scattering, solid state physics and plasma support the experimental activities.

Current research regards materials for energy applications such as solar cells and nuclear engineering (e.g. nuclear fusion systems).

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Tungsten oxide nanorods

Surface Brillouin spectroscopy

Micro and Nanostructured Materials Lab, Department of Energy Politecnico di Milano Via Ponzio 34/3 I-20133 Milan, Italy