Pubblicazioni 2009  

  • A. Lucotti, C. S. Casari, M. Tommasini, A. Li Bassi, D. Fazzi, V. Russo, M. Del Zoppo, C. Castiglioni, F. Cataldo, C. E. Bottani, G. Zerbi
    sp carbon chain interaction with silver nanoparticles probed by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
    Chemical Physics Letters 478, 45-50 (2009)
  • A. Li Bassi, A. Bailini, F. Donati, V. Russo, M. Passoni, A. Mantegazza, C.S. Casari , C.E. Bottani
    Thermoelectric properties of Bi-Te Films with controlled structure and morphology
    Journal of Applied Physics 105, 124307 (2009)

  • F. Donati, P. Sessi, S. Achilli, A. Li Bassi, M. Passoni, C. S. Casari, C. E. Bottani, A. Brambilla, A. Picone, M. Finazzi, L. Duò, M. I. Trioni, and F. Ciccacci
    Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of the Fe(001)-p(1×1)O surface
    Physical Review B 79, 195430 (2009)

  • C.S. Casari , S. Foglio, F. Siviero, A. Li Bassi, M. Passoni, C.E. Bottani
    Direct observation of the basic mechanisms of Pd island nucleation on Au(111)
    Physical Review B 79, 195402 (2009)

  • F. Torta , M. Fusi , C.S. Casari , C.E. Bottani and A. Bachi
    Titanium Dioxide Coated MALDI plate for on target Analysis of Phosphopeptides
    Journal of Proteome Research 8 , 1932-1942 (2009)

  • R. Sordan, F. Traversi, V. Russo
    Logic gates with a single graphene transistor,
    Applied Physics Letters 94, 073305 (2009)
    Selected for the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology

  • M. Passoni, F. Donati, A. Li Bassi, C.S. Casari, C.E. Bottani
    Recovery of local density of states using scanning tunneling spectroscopy
    Physical Review B 79 , 045404 (2009)
  • F. Di Fonzo, C.S. Casari , V. Russo, M.F. Brunella, A. Li Bassi, and C.E. Bottani
    Hierarchically organized nanostructured TiO 2 for photocatalysis applications
    Nanotechnology 20, 015604 (2009)
    Selected for the Nanotechnology's Highlights of 2009 collection
  • M. Fusi, V.Russo, C.S. Casari , A. Li Bassi , C.E. Bottani
    Titanium oxide nanostructured films by reactive pulsed laser deposition
    Applied Surface Science 255 (10), 5334-5337 (2009)
  • D. Dellasega, A. Facibeni, F. Di Fonzo, V. Russo, C. Conti, C. Ducati, C.S. Casari , A. Li Bassi, C.E. Bottani
    Nanostructured High Valence Silver Oxide Produced by Pulsed laser Deposition
    Applied Surface Science 255 (10), 5248-5251 (2009)
  • S.M. Pietralunga, M. Ferè, M. Lanata, D. Piccinin, A. Zappettini, A. Lamperti, M. Signorelli, R. Costanzo, P. M. Ossi, M. Martinelli
    Sputtering deposition of nanostructured p-type Ge-on-Si thin films: heteroepitaxy and near-IR photoresponse
    Fotonica 2009, B5.6-1 (2009)
  • E. Fazio, F. Neri, P.M. Ossi, N. Santo, S. Trusso
    Ag nanocluster synthesis by laser ablation in argon atmosphere: a plumne dynamics analysis
    Laser & Particle Beams 27, 281 (2009)
  • E. Fazio, F. Neri, P.M. Ossi, N. Santo, S. Trusso
    Growth process of nanostructured silver films pulsed laser ablated in high-presure inert gas
    Applied Surface Science 255, 9676 (2009)
  • S.M. Pietralunga, M. Ferè, M. Lanata, D. Piccinin, G. Radnoczi, A. Lamperti, M. Martinelli, P.M. Ossi
    Heteroepitaxial sputtered Ge on Si (100): nanostructure and interface morphology
    Europhysics Letters 88, 28005 (2009)
  • M. Filipescu, P.M. Ossi, N. Santo, M. Dinescu
    Radio-frequency assisted pulsed laser deposition of nanostructured Wo x films
    Applied Surface Science 255, 9699 (2009)
  • C. D'Andrea, F. Neri, P.M. Ossi, N. Santo, S. Trusso
    The controlled pulsed laser deposition of Ag nanoparticle arrays for surface enhanced Raman scattering Nanotechnology 20, 245606 (2009)
  • M. Passoni, L. Bertagna, T. Ceccotti, P. Martin
    Proton Maximum Energy Cutoff Scaling Laws For Bulk Targets
    AIP Conference Proceedings (in press)


Laboratorio Materiali Micro e Nanostrutturati, Dipartimento di Energia Politecnico di Milano Via Ponzio 34/3 I-20133 Milano