Carlo E. Bottani

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Birth date: 5/2/1951. "Laurea" in Nuclear Engineering - Politecnico di Milano - summa cum laude - november 1975. Since March 1st 2000 full professor of Condensed Matter Physics - Politecnico di Milano.

He has been the scientific coordinator of several national and international research projects and chairman of sections of international conferences. Research activity: phonon spectroscopy: Brillouin and Raman scattering of films, multilayers, nanoparticles, nanotubes and disordered solids. Cluster ad film deposition by pulsed laser ablation. SEM and AFM imaging; STM imaging and spectroscopy of nanostructured surfaces. Nanophotovoltaics. He is author of 245 publications (159 in international refereed journals) among which several monographic chapters in international volumes and five patents. His h-index is 30 (ISI and SCOPUS) and 35 (Google Scholar). Two papers are in co-authorship with the Nobel laureate Richard Smalley. He has been the Scientific Coordinator of the Center of Excellence "Engineering of Nanostructured Materials and Surfaces" of Politecnico di Milano. He has been member of the International Scientific Board of "Area di Ricerca di Trieste " ( AREA Science Park ) with Mauro Ferrari, Emiliano Duch, Raffaele Liberali, Dominick Salvatore e Sergio Dompé. He is fellow of "Istituto Lombardo – Accademia di Scienze e Lettere"


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